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The Grass Station offers one of the largest selection of marijuana edibles and CBD topicals in Denver, Colorado

Grass Station Edibles by Dixie Elixer

The Grass Station Dispensaries stock the highest quality cannabis edibles available in Colorado, selected from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure quality.


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Check out our large selection of assorted edibles from the following vendors:



Apothecanna is the first skincare company in the United States to be licensed to use cannabis flower extracts in their products. Cannabis extracts are highly effective in treating a variety of muscle, joint, nerve and skin conditions. Cannabis when used topically does not cause the inebriating effects associated with smoked cannabis, and does not show up on a standard drug test.

Bhang Chocolate has been making non-medicated chocolates for years for such retail outlets as Whole Foods. We are focused on crafting Bhang’s award-winning medicated chocolate bars. At Bhang we strive to set industry taste and quality benchmarks. We are committed to remaining the established leader and to continuing to set the standards on how things should be done. We are founded first and foremost in making world class chocolate.

Our state of the art, natural extraction method and infusion process enables us to ensure that BlueKudu products are the most consistently effective, highly potent edibles on the market! Recognizing that everyone uses our medicinal products for a specific need, BlueKudu products are available in three unique types – Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. Indica will provide more of a body effect, whereas Sativa tends to have a more cerebral influence. Hybrid combines the benefits of both Indica and Sativa. We recommend that you consult with your preferred center before choosing which type works best for you.

Cannabis concentrate infused drink in a variety of flavors for your medical or recreational needs!  Since 2009 our expert team has been passionately producing a non-carbonated, cannabis-infused beverage that really packs a punch!! Our punch is 100% organic and vegan, as well as being gluten-free, soy-free, and corn syrup free and is made from some of the highest quality Colorado cannabis where the medicinal concentrate is produced using only the choicest whole buds. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Canyon Cultivation is Colorado’s leading manufacturer of all-natural, discreet and highly effective premium-infused edibles. All of our products are made in-house using a proprietary extraction process that is completely free of any non-medicinal plant constituents, and high-quality, organic ingredients. Each batch of essential (hash) oil produced is tested both on and offsite to ensure that every dose our customers ingest is pure and safe, and delivers the same level of relief every time. From hard candies, suckers and capsules to oral sprays and tinctures, our confections are known for their delicious flavors, long-lasting effects and unwanted medicinal (cannabis) taste. We hope you enjoy! Please dose responsibly.

The Original Chocolate Taffy, Marijuana Infused Edible, Known As Cheeba Chews™ Was First Cooked In Colorado With A Simple Question, "Why Can't Anyone Make A Consistently Potent Cannabis Infused Edible For Patients In Need?". What Was About To Happen, No One Expected. Cheeba Chews™ Is Dedicated To Producing The Highest Quality Cannabis Infused Edibles, Delivering Superior Customer Service And Creating A Reliable And Enjoyable Product Line To Consumers.

Dixie Elixirs is the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products. We are proud to provide our customers with products infused with triple lab tested and CO2 extracted THC. From balms and bath soaks to tinctures and truffles, each of our products offers premium, consistent and reliable results you can trust... So go ahead.  Have a Dixie Elixir!

THC & CBD Infused Edibles EdiPure medicinal products are infused with THC / CBD derived by using lab grade reagents and methods to extract, then ‘prepare’ the THC / CBD so that it can be infused into a host of edible products with exact THC dosing and no resulting cannabis taste. No Cannabis Taste Using a proprietary approach for the infusion of EdiPure products, our THC / CBD extraction and ‘preparation’ methods allow us to infuse a host of edible products that have no cannabis flavors or taste. Precise THC Dosing Through redundant lab methods and testing, we are able to determine the precise concentration of THC / CBD in our EdiPure infusion materials, which provides us the ability to infuse our products with exact THC dosing.

At Evolab we are pioneering the use of chromatography and supercritical CO2 extraction to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis concentrates. We manufacture a full range of cannabis extracts and infused products that are rich in terpenes and pure cannabinoids — while remaining free of solvents, cutting agents, and diluting additives.

Full Melt chocolate comes in many different flavors. Because these 100 mg bars are so powerful, the Weed Hype staff is having trouble getting through a full review of the entire Full Melt line up. We can tell you for sure that the flavors we tried completely kicked everyone’s tail because we all ate the entire bar. Luckily the makers of full melt put score lines on the bar so its easy to get the proper dose. Each square represents 10mg.

With so many other edibles on the market it is sometimes hard to find a way to set things apart from the competition, but I think we found a way by offering something handmade, 100% Organic, 100% Vegan, and use some of the best medicine in the state!! Our “Highly Edible” candies are definitely a step above the rest!

Our Incredibles Chocolate Bars contain THC from homemade, in-house hash oil, green butter and bubble hash. WE TEST EVERY BATCH OF OIL so you know exactly what you are ingesting; don’t settle for less.

Love’s Oven is a homestyle, small batch medicinal cannabis bakery. Our products are baked with high quality, all-natural ingredients, sourced locally and organically whenever possible. A proprietary chemical-free heat extraction method, and our unique cooling process ensures that your patients receive a consistent, long lasting dose of medicine in every bite.

Inspired by her apothecary forefathers and generations of healers who found medicinal solutions in nature, Mary brings a turn-of-the-century elegance to the modern-day resurgence of natural therapies.  Best known as the developer and exclusive distributor of the award-winning Transdermal Cannabis Patch, Mary innovates at the intersection of technology and horticulture. Mary is transforming how people view and utilize cannabis, developing products that maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients.

RX Green was formed by a group of marijuana entrepreneurs from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with the belief that the healing powers of Cannabinoids delivered with all natural, botanical ingredients exemplified our mountain lifestyle. RX Green is a nutraceutical company with years of experience and a team of experts dedicated and committed to our customers who want to use cannabis as a nutraceutical alternative to traditional or prescription medications thru the healing powers of Cannabinoids.

Sweet Grass is a small batch kitchen that distributes fresh baked, medicated edibles throughout Colorado. Instead of using hash or harmful extracts, all products are made using our own triple-filtered, seventy-two-hour, sweet leaf cannabutter. This way, we can ensure consistency and strength to provide the best relief to our patients.

Wana Edibles has been a leader in the Colorado edibles industry since 2010, providing the state’s most delicious and consistent edibles. As one of the original infused products companies, we have developed and refined an amazing line-up of delectable baked goods, the world’s yummiest cannabis candies and a full line of drink mixes, gourmet teas, coffees, and cocoas.

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