At Evolab we are pioneering the use of chromatography and supercritical CO2 extraction to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis concentrates. We manufacture a full range of cannabis extracts and infused products that are rich in terpenes and pure cannabinoids — while remaining free of solvents, cutting agents, and diluting additives.

EVOS Infused Intimate Oil

evos™ is an all natural intimate lubricant infused with THC to bring heightened levels of excitement to your love life. evos™ is crafted with care by evolab, makers of the finest all natural cannabis extracts in Denver, CO. evolab is committed to non-toxic extraction methods and will NEVER use harmful solvents or ingredients to make our products. evos™ is the all natural alternative to lubricants that use petroleum or synthetic parabens. If you don’t want these toxins near your mouth or lungs, you certainly don’t want them anywhere intimate. In their pure form, the cannabinoids THC and CBD are vasorelaxants (vasodilators) helping with increased blood flow. evosTM was made with you in mind to stimulate your intimate areas and increase pleasure.

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