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RX Green was formed by a group of marijuana entrepreneurs from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with the belief that the healing powers of Cannabinoids delivered with all natural, botanical ingredients exemplified our mountain lifestyle. RX Green is a nutraceutical company with years of experience and a team of experts dedicated and committed to our customers who want to use cannabis as a nutraceutical alternative to traditional or prescription medications thru the healing powers of Cannabinoids.


RX Green Transdermal Patches is proud to announce the first all-natural, botanical CBD oil transdermal patch in the world. Designed for patients who want or require higher doses of True CBD. RX Green is offering a True CBD oil alternative with less than .03% THC and 17% CBD. Combined with RX Green’s proprietary blend of plant extract enhancers our Herbicide & Pesticide-free CBD Oil offers our customers a completely natural and botanical True CBD alternative. Unlike the current method of oral delivery where the digestive system and first pass metabolism of the liver degrades the dosage; RX Green’s True CBD transdermal patch offers full bioavailability for lower dosing and lower cost. Clinically tested and proven to work with bioavailability for up to 12 hours.


Looking for an alternative to conventional Cannabinoid delivery methods? RX Green’s all natural Transdermal Patches are the answer. Unlike smoking, tinctures, or edibles that once they are consumed cannot be controlled; RX Green Transdermal Patches are completely controllable. If the desired effect is not to your liking simply remove the patch. (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid)

RX Green THC:CBD 1:1

CBD has been shown effective in treating inflammation, diabetes, cancer, mood disorders (PTSD to ADD) and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It has been shown to have anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea and anti-rheumatoid arthritic and sedative properties, and clinical trials has shown that it eliminates anxiety and increases clarity. This patch contains one 20mg transdermal dose of medical cannabis extract with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

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