Wana Edibles has been a leader in the Colorado edibles industry since 2010, providing the state’s most delicious and consistent edibles. As one of the original infused products companies, we have developed and refined an amazing line-up of delectable baked goods, the world’s yummiest cannabis candies and a full line of drink mixes, gourmet teas, coffees, and cocoas.


The sweet candied caramel from Wana Edibles are a new product that makes for a great little treat. The Wana Salted Caramel is a sweet candy reminiscent of a candy store caramel chew. The chewy caramel covers up most of the cannabis taste The effects take a while to set in and aren’t too overwhelming. A single caramel is enough for a lasting body and mind effect without being enough to stop your plans for the day.

Wana Jewels

Flavored Drops Of Goodness - Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Blackberry and Lime. Drops are 5mg of THC each with 20 drops per bag. With an assortment of flavors for tongue pleasing variety, controlled and precise dosing has never been as easy. Made with brown rice syrup and absolutely no corn syrup, these candies are as natural as they are tasty.

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