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Kindman Premium Cannabis

Kindman grows cannabis with unmatched quality and consistency. Our plants are each flushed with pure water for the last 7 days of growth, individually processed by hand and cured to perfection every time using an unparalleled production method.

Food grade nutrients are used for cannabis production and equivalent environmental control procedures are in place for all stages of production. Kindman grows everything in a custom soil mix indoor at their state of the art, fully licensed Colorado facilities. Be Kind… Man!

**Potency=%THC + (2/3*%THCa)


Use the category pricing below (tax not included):
-for Retail Marijuana Customers ONLY

(Red Card NOT Required - Must be Over 21)


Connoisseur: $20 gram | $55 eighths

Top Shelf: $18 gram | $45 eighths

Special: $15 gram | $40 eighths

Pre Rolls: $6ea | 3 for $15

Cones: $10ea | 3 for $25


Blueberry Hybrid Marijuana Strain

60/40 Indica Dominant – Immaculate berry taste with stout earth tones. Crisp scents of fresh jelly and jam. Gives users a hard-hitting relaxation high with creeping cerebral effects. A nice balance. 14.8% THC

Casey Jones Hybrid Marijuana Strain

80/20 Sativa Dominant – Sharp and sweet aromatics. The strain’s balanced head/body high reflects years of selective cannabis breeding. A sativa dominant hybrid that keeps you grooving with the famous conductor. 21.3% THC

Chem Dawg x Moby Dick Marijuana Strain

80/20 Sativa Dominant – Pungent and skunky, this hybrid has an immediately recognizable scent. Produces a creative and stress-free high that Kindman lovers find irresistible. Great for pain, motivation, and the occasional headache. 21.2% THC

FU Cali Marijuana Strain

100% Indica – Strong pine scent and a light hoppy finish. Classic sweet herbal smell. Strong body high with mild cerebral effects. Perfect for muscle aches, pain, and insomnia. 24.2% THC

Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

100% Indica – Zesty and tart notes characterize this connoisseur strain. Fruity taste with a smooth grape finish. A hazy body high leaves users relaxed and sedated. Perfect for pain, insomnia, and relaxation. 28% THC

Lemon Diesel

60/40 Sativa Dominant – Eye-opening and nostril flaring, this hybrid’s unusual cheesy/citrus scent will hang with you. A giggly, and smile-inducing buzz that creeps up on users. Perfect for stress and muscle pain. 22.1% THC

Moby Dick - Marijuana Strain

70/30 Sativa Dominant – Light pine and fresh cut grass scents. This contemplative smoke brings about a sense of tranquility and creativity. Good for stress, lack of appetite, and depression. 20.1% THC

Otto High CBD Strain

Scientifically engineered strain high in CBD’s – favored by medical patients for its pain relief properties without an intense/overwhelming “high.” Perfect for arthritis and joint pain. 4% THC 9% CBD

Sour Diesel Sativa Marijuana Strain

100% Sativa – Peppery, citrus, and thick fuel scents. Very sour. Sour Diesel offers an energetic and cerebral high and quick onset. Great for combatting stress, pain, and depression. 23.5% THC

Spirit of 76 Hybrid Marijuana Strain

50/50 – (Voted Denver’s Dankest by The Westword Magazine 2013) Deep and earthy, almost sweet. Awarded for its balanced sativa & indica qualities that can be enjoyed time and time again. Great for stress & anxiety. 17.2% THC

Trainwreck Sativa Strain

100% Sativa – Pungent, sweet, earthy, notes of pine and lemongrass. Trainwreck is a mind-bending sativa that hits like a freight train. Enhances creativity, leaving users with a fast-paced head-high. 22.9% THC

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